DIY Cross Stitch Diamond Cushion

I've always liked doing cross stitch but I'm not a huge fan of the end result. It's just not something I would want up on my wall! So, I put a modern spin on things and made this cross stitch cushion using a simple design, some bright wool and some burlap fabric.

I thought I would share my pattern with you so anyone who wants to make their own can do so! I used 3 burlap squares per cross.

DIY Woven Wall Hanging

I made my own weave!

After falling in love with these a few weeks ago I found this amazing tutorial by Erica at HonestlyWTF. It was so easy to do and I'm really pleased with how it turned out...

From artwork to plushie

Luke wanted a special present for his daughter Bo so we turned her self portrait into a plushie!

Woven Wall Art

I have a wall in my house that's been left bare and neglected for far too long. I've been too lazy to find something to fill it with… Until now! I love my old fashioned interiors so it's no surprise these would appeal to me.

I'm still deciding if I'm going to splash out and purchase one (they are pretty pricey but are so much fluffier!) or make one myself. Here are some of my favs:

Pre Made:


Erin's 'Vintage Travel' Wedding Stationery

I thought I would share a non plushie project I worked on recently. Here are some images of the wedding stationery I designed with my friend Erin for her 'vintage travel' themed wedding.

Save the Date:


Additional Information:

Order of Service:


Drink and Table Signs:

Name Tags:


Bridesmaids Thank You Cards:

Thank You Cards:

DIY Concrete Diamond

Made from Scratch introduced me to this amazing tutorial by A Merry Mishap. It's so simple and really easy to do! Check out Jennifer's tutorial here.

Here's how my diamond turned out...

DIY Round Up - Gold

My poor old blog has been a bit neglected lately so I'm going to start showing it some more love starting with a round up of some of my fav gold themed DIY's.
I am forever bookmarking DIY's hoping I will one day do them but know full well I never will. To make myself feel like I've accomplished them in some small way, I share them with you all!

1. Glittered Pumpkins by Yesterday's Sweetheart
2. Drinking Straw Pendant Lamps by Mormors Glamour
3. Gold Mugs by Garland of Grace
4. Glitter Lollipops by Popcosmo
6. Serving Tray by Lovely Indeed

My Keeper

I recently made this plushie for the lovely Sera from My Keeper. Go check out her AMAZING dresses and other fashion on her page. Such a talented young lady!