Zoe and Louise

A wee while ago I stumbled across a beauty video on YouTube by a lovely lass named Zoe. I loved her videos and ended up spending a lot of time watching them. My favourite videos were the ones of Zoe and her friend Louise - they are the funniest pair to watch!

I made a plushie Zoe and Louise and sent them around the world to the girls in England to say thanks for all their entertainment! They are made with little make up items - lipstick (Zoe has an orange one of course!), brushes, nail polish and eyeshadow. Louise has her pearl earrings and Zoe has her favourite studded collar shirt and messy bun :)

Find the girls on their YouTube channels: Zoella and ***Sprinkle Of Glitter***. They also both have great blogs that are worth checking out!

  1. I LOVE these!! I have seen baby glitter with louise's and zoella's in one of her videos too they are soooo cute! xx